Drawing Straight Lines. Our New Favorite Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are well designed with its metal barrel featuring a hexagonal shape to avoid rolling down the drawing-board. They are more practical as it does not require sharpening, which ensures that they always remain the same length, and its weight and hand-feel always remain constant.

We wanted to take a moment and explain features of the retractable mechanical pencils and how to choose the best mechanical pencil in the perspective of an architect.

Why Mechanical Pencils In The First Place?

You need consistent lines. Using a regular wooden pencil, the lead become duller and wider making the lines appear thicker. With a mechanical pencil, the width of the lead remains constant, and the lines remain consistent throughout.

Does not require sharpening: unlike the ordinary wooden pencils, the lead in mechanical pencil does not get dull and just need to click to advance the lead.

Refillable: you will not need to dispose of a mechanical pencil when the lead is used up. You will just need to fill it back with the lead and continue writing.

Balanced: the consistent sharpening of the ordinary wooden pencil makes it shorter, which may lead to loss of balance. On the other hand, mechanical pencil always retains its size and never loses its balance.

Non Negotiable Features.

While choosing a retractable mechanical pencil, you need to consider a number of factors, which include the following:- Lead size: a wide variety of mechanical pencils are available in the market with different lead sizes ranging from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. The choice of your mechanical pencil depends on your need.

Clip: the best mechanical pencils have a pocket clip that ensures that your pencil is firmly secured in your shirt or pants pocket. The clip is also important as it helps to prevent rolling on the surface.-

Retractable tip: if you like carrying your pencil all the time, you need to choose a mechanical pencil with a retractable tip to prevent damaging your clothes.-

Erasers: a good mechanical pencil features a small eraser that typically hidden underneath the cap. The best mechanical eraser can even include a retractable eraser.-

Comfortable grip: most mechanical pencils are equipped with a comfortable grip made of rubber that ensures that you holding your pencil comfortably while writing. You may need to choose a mechanical pencil with steel grip to achieve sleek aesthetic you may want to achieve.-

Not bulky: a nice mechanical pencil should be small and light in weight, which ensures that is easy to carry.All the above features of mechanical pencils come into play while choosing your pencil.

Depending on what you want to do with the mechanical pencil, you can choose the best pencil according to style, color, and size. Zebra Pen offers a wide variety of recommended quality mechanical pencil, which includes DelGuard Mechanical pencil and Z-Grip mechanical pencil.

The Zebra Pen DelGuard

The Zebra DelGuard mechanical pencil features the latest mechanical pencil innovation. It features patented double spring mechanism that helps to hold down pressure no matter how you press or hold your pencil. Unlike the most common mechanical pencils that feature a single spring guarding lead, DelGuard includes two springs the help to protect the lead at all time ensuring that the lead is less vulnerable to breakage.

Although the pencil is great for all writing styles, most people like using this kind of pencil for notes taking. They are available in a 0.5mm lead size and are refillable in terms of lead and erasers.

This is our top pick because it does an incredible job of protecting the lead. Feel free to write as hard and as dark as you want; this thing can take it. It also is better than most “guarding” pencils, because not only does it have a basic vertical spring for vertical pressure, but it also has a contraption that extends the tip on horizontal pressure. Perfect pencil.

Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil

This is one of the top selling mechanical pencils with advanced features and high-performance standard. The mechanical is armed with two leads and refillable regarding leads and erasers.

The easy grip mechanical pencil includes a ridged grip that makes every writing experience comfortable. It is a great mechanical pencil for taking notes. They are available in various colors in two lead-size varieties, which include 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes.