Tools Of The Trade Part 2

Anyone who knows anything to do with construction knows that not all pencils are created equal. Being that as it may, finding the right pencil to use in carpentry, drawing, sketching or construction is not that easy. Even with that, there is one mechanical pencil that stands out from the rest of the pack as a reliable, long lasting and professional product.
The MLP2 Mechanical Pencil really is a construction pencil and carpenters mechanical pencil at its core. Meant for the guys that need it to stay in one place and not break. Think about it, it needs to write on concrete, sheet-rock and surfaces that aren’t meant for a plushy corner office. It features an extra fat 0.9mm number two grade square leads and are sturdy. The pencil also has a rubber grip that allows control and comfort when writing. The pencil package also includes 2 extra erasers and a tube of 0.9mm number two grade leads.
The pencil is uniquely designed with an elliptical shape which prevents rolling. This especially useful for when you are trying to measure and need to draw a line across a flat surface. The square shape of the lead on the other hand prevents breakage which makes the pencil handle pressure when making markings on hard surfaces.

Here’s a few specs:
Dimensions: 0.5×0.4×5.75in
Weight: 0.2lbs
Pen type: Mechanical pencil
Barrel construction: Plastic
Lead point size: 0.9mm
Barrel color: Black, blue

For those that like the old Benjamin Franklin method, here’s a list of pros and cons that you should consider.
• The barrel has an elliptical shape that prevents rolling from the work surface.
• Square leads that are ideal for exam and testing sheets
• Strong lead construction that allows for heavy marking and pressure
• Comes with 6 additional lead pieces and 2 extra eraser refills.
• Comfortable and ergonomic rubber grip.
• Large and chunky erasers.
• Flat and rectangular/square leads which allow you to have varying line widths.
• No sharpening required. All you have to do is push the eraser to advance the lead whenever you need to.
• Heavy duty lead for longer lasting performance

• The pen is not compatible with the traditional round shaped leads.
• It may be a bit challenging to get the refills once the ones that come with the pencil are finished. You may want to start looking for the refills way before the others finish.
• The plastic casing may feel somewhat thing especially if you have big hands. It is also not easy to use if you are wearing gloves; you will have to remove them every now and then.
• There is no provision for storing the extra erasers once they are out of the pack. You will have to find somewhere safe to store your erasers. The extra leads however come in a lead tube.

When using the pencil
• Always remember to change the eraser right before it becomes flush with the top of the pencil. It is much simpler to remove the eraser for replacement before it becomes flush.
• When using the pencil together with a ruler, do not apply much pressure on the pen against the ruler or other drawing equipment. With continued pressure, the plastic tip of the pencil wears out and doesn’t work as good.

This is an extremely functional and durable mechanical pencil and a must have for carpenters and construction workers. If you tend to write hard and often break the lead, then the leads on this pencil will save you the trouble of always replacing your broken pencils or leads.

You can pick this up at pretty much any store, Amazon has fast shipping and a boatload of reviews on this.